Bill Sanders C-Suite Network Advisor Since 2016

Operational Strategist | Executive Advisor | Management Consultant

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Bill Sanders helps leaders and organizations adapt, grow, and thrive in rapidly changing environments. He is the Principal and Managing Director of Roebling Strauss, Inc., an operational strategy consultancy in the San Francisco Bay Area whose clients range from independently owned agencies and SMEs to members of the Fortune 500.

Bill has the rare ability to efficiently identify misalignment between strategy, process, and execution, and design elegant solutions to these often highly complex problems. His insights routinely expose new business opportunities and underutilized team talents, unlocking increased profitability and business growth. He is a former president of the San Francisco American Marketing Association, and writes a regular column on work culture for the Huffington Post.


Bill Sanders | Operational Strategist | Executive Advisor | Management Consultant

"“I’ve hired Bill Sanders and Roebling Strauss 4 times over the last 5 years, in a prior role to refine teamwork and operational efficiency of 1) dmg :: events, 2) ad:tech US, and 3) ad:tech UK and iMedia UK. In each instance, Bill was professional, accomplished, and effective in driving enhanced team ownership, better workflows and processes, and agile project management.”"

Susan MacDermid

Founder, The Ascendant Network

""Bill Sanders and the Roebling Strauss team continues to play a key role in creating new high visibility events for Pepsi's national top volume beverage customers. These Digital Summit events are an integral part of how our brand(s) continue to drive messages of innovation, new ways of thinking and new ways of partnering in the digital space.""

John Ross

Director Digital Integrated Media Solutions, PepsiCo

""We have retained Bill’s consulting services for Sovereign Studios for a number of our most high-profile engagements, most notably for our clients Wells Fargo and Universal Mind. Bill’s wide-ranging expertise and consistent professionalism has added tangible value to both our internal operations and our client-facing offering at every turn. His informed judgment and rock-solid integrity have proven indispensable…”"

Jason Bucky

Managing Director, Sovereign Studios

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