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David Discenza ABCI, CBCP - The Master of Disaster Preparedness

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David Discenza, CBCP

WHAT I DO: I work with business leaders to improve and protect the resilience of their business against threats to their operations that could prove to be catastrophic or fatal.

HOW I DO IT: I help business leaders determine what parts of the business are at risk for loss (i.e. facilities, supply chain, data) and then create a plan to help prevent their complete loss and to restore them as quickly as possible.

WHY IT WORKS: Imagine trying to drive across the country without a map of any kind. You may get there but probably not by the most efficient route and with several detours and dead ends along the way. The plans I create are the roadmap a company needs to restore their operations back to normal quickly and in the most efficient, cost-effective way.


David Discenza | David Discenza ABCI, CBCP - The Master of Disaster Preparedness

"David did excellent work in preparing a professional business continuity plan for our company. Our situation was unusual, but David took the time to understand it, and to define and document the appropriate protocols in the event of a disaster. He also instructed us on how to communicate, maintain, and exercise the plan. We would highly recommend David’s services to any company with similar needs."

Charles Durkin

CEO, Privakey

"David worked as a consultant to oversee a business continuity project for our company. We had a constrained timeline and limited resident knowledge of the subject and required David to do most of the heavy lifting. David took the reins of the project from the start and thoroughly managed the project until completion. Working with many individuals from multiple departments, David quickly interviewed and extracted the necessary knowledge and put it all together in a cohesive document that met all our criteria. I hope to work with David again in the near future!

Edward Gresch

Director, Practice Technology Engagement, Bayada Health

"Dave assisted Quickie in developing and documenting a Business Continuity Plan. He did an outstanding job. He managed the project, was on-time and under budget. He drove the project and required minimal assistance from Quickie's team member in completing the project."

John Thompson

Director of Finance, Quickie Manufacturing

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