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One of Inc. Magazine's Top 100 Leadership Speaker to hire


One of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speaker to hire, Dov Baron is an international leadership catalyst! He is the leading authority on Authentic Leadership, and Leadership Succession or, as he prefers to call it, — “Full Monty Leadership.” The world’s only Corporate Cultural Momentum Strategist, Dov works with leaders and executive teams to build the bonds that create corporate cultures that become Fiercely Loyal.


Dov Baron | One of Inc. Magazine's Top 100 Leadership Speaker to hire

"Where to begin. We thought we had a clear vision, knew where we were going and how we were going to get there. Then we engaged Dov and Ren Baron (Authentic Paragon Alliance) and went for a deep dive.
We found that there were a number of issues, hidden beneath the surface, sometimes hidden from ourselves, around important topics. The bottom line was that we had a culture issue that was not being recognized or addressed and that was holding us back from the growth that we had envisioned.

Through Dov’s unique skills and curiosity, we discovered that one partner was considering leaving the business. No doubt this would have had a disastrous effect on our business and our team. Conservatively we would have reduced profits by over $250,000 in the first year and would have had to totally re-strategize and re-build our team going forward, likely taking us at least 2 years to get back to our current profitability. Dov was also able to address communication breakdowns that our team was consistently having and the impact this was having on our culture. Our inability to deal with conflict constructively or to have compassion for our teammates was sabotaging our business development efforts and limiting our progress.

Outside of the group work, each team member had one-on-one sessions with Dov and Renuka. Through their strategic and tactical processes we later came together and created levels of transparency and communication that were beyond anything we had previously experienced. We were able to work through residual conflicts from the past and collectively build not only our mission and vision for the future but most importantly what Dov Baron Calls a SOUL Business Purpose. We are now “courageous loyal champions for our clients and ourselves” and this resonates in all that we do.

Having each team member embrace and embody our SOUL Purpose has led to breakthroughs with our clients in their lives. Our deep and genuine curiosity (one of the pillars of our SOUL Purpose) has created the safety needed to have our clients reveal their true issues, the impact has been profound, creating extraordinary and genuine trust. Sure we are great at creative solutions, but that is only possible through deep client communication.

Our business is exploding; clients are referring at twice the rate as before, with much stronger conviction with their introductions to their friends.

Our team culture is healthy and we now deal with conflict (which we view as a necessary part of growth) in a much more constructive and consistent manner.

We are exceeding growth and profitability targets, with annualized growth rates increasing from 4% to 9% over the past 2 years. Everyone on the team now has a clear understanding of the next steps for the business and where we are heading."

Ray Glicksohn

Personal CFO, Senior Financial Planner at Assante Capital Management Ltd, Mentor, Entrepreneur

"I am an accomplished healthcare system specialist with 30 years of post graduate work experience. My experience is in developing and delivering more than $5 billion in projects. I am a prequalified expert with multiple organizations in the areas of project management, procurement and business process improvement. I am also the Chief Operating Officer of HealthTech Connex – a leading neuroscience company which is establishing the world’s first set of brain vital signs – as well as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Infrastructure Advisors – a leading boutique consulting firm.
While my experience has been blessed with being part of wonderful project teams who have delivered world class results I knew in my heart of hearts that this had happened without a firm and clear identification of my Purpose. As I enter this part of my career, I knew I wanted to really focus on and invest in delivering on my Purpose.
After conducting extensive research both with HealthTech Connex and on my own, I have chosen Dov and Renuka to help me find my Purpose.
I have enjoyed every interaction with them and have received and experienced clear insights and self understanding at every meeting. I am very confident that this process will allow me to explore and then find my true Purpose and that that will improve my life in numerous ways. I can recommend them to you without reservation and with my full support. "

Rudi van den Broek

Entrepreneur, Innovator, Archaeologist, Biologist, Venture Capitalist, Investor, Speaker, Teacher, Writer & SCUBA Diver

"Dov Baron is a joy to work with. He spoke for our 2015 online Summit: Crack the Leadership Code. He’s authentic, generous and a real powerhouse! His energy is infectious and he goes above and beyond, just because he can. Dov knows how to get your people fiercely loyal, because that’s him. Dov is fiercely loyal. If you get a chance to work with Dov, grab it!"

Dr Michelle Pizer

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Dov Baron | One of Inc. Magazine's Top 100 Leadership Speaker to hire

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