Dr. Helen Turnbull C-Suite Network Advisor Since 2016

Global Thought Leader on Inclusion, Diversity and Unconscious Bias

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Dr. Turnbull is a global Thought Leader on inclusion, diversity and unconscious bias.  She is the author of 4 online assessment tools and an E-Learning program on Inclusion. She spoke at TEDx on “The Illusion of Inclusion” and keynotes on these topics globally.

Her client list includes many Fortune 500 companies. She has worked in Australia with multiple corporations, including Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, Ernst & Young, Reserve Bank, QBE Insurance and the Australian Department of Defense.

Dr. Turnbull has made major contributions helping clients to win prestigious diversity awards.

  1. Texas Instruments – Catalyst
  2. JP Morgan Chase Europe – Opportunity Now and Business in the Community Award
  3. Citigroup Europe – Opportunity Now Award
  4. Commonwealth Bank of Australia – Catalyst
  5. QBE Insurance – Australian Employer of Choice Award

In addition to her PhD, she has two Masters Degrees.  She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) member of the National Speakers Association.


Dr. Helen Turnbull | Global Thought Leader on Inclusion, Diversity and Unconscious Bias

"Dr. Turnbull is an excellent facilitator. She demonstrates high levels of engagement with the Unconscious Bias program participants and was the key to the program’s success. Her subject matter knowledge of unconscious bias and diversity gave the program credibility. Dr. Turnbull uses a range of adult learning principles ensuring participants effectively develop the skills to meet the objectives of the program in an interesting and interactive way. She received outstanding feedback from participants. Dr. Turnbull is a global expert in the area of unconscious bias and diversity/inclusion and is a thought leader in this field. She is extremely professional and worked collaboratively with our organization to ensure that the program was successful. She is flexible in adapting to program changes and proactively identified and implemented program improvements during the implementation phase. She operates with high levels of integrity and is friendly and easy to work with."

Ms. Kathy Finckh

Diversity and Inclusion Manager

"Helen was a known expert in the field of diversity and organisational development in the US, but it is to her great credit that she managed to translate and sell the concepts to a wholly skeptical and initially resistant multi-national audience in the London office.

The Leading Diversity 1-day training program that she delivered over a two year period to in excess of 1500 officers and staff of the bank was the most ambitious and successful training intervention ever introduced in Europe.

Helen’s skills as a facilitator are second to none. She is intuitive, fluid, articulate and natural, spotting and heading off potential “hot spots” and providing an environment where people feel safe to express their views and know they will be heard. Her antenna are always up, yet she appears at complete ease with her audience and never radiates anything but calm and control.

But Helen has much more to offer than just stand up training and facilitation. Her OD skills are fabulous and her holistic approach to culture change is practical and realistic yet inspirational. Whatever she does, she takes people with her and makes the journey seem immensely worthwhile.

As a business partner, Helen is an exceedingly reliable and diligent colleague, working seamlessly to ensure that goals are delivered and targets are met. You feel reassured when working with Helen that everything is possible and will be done to the highest standard. I recommend her to you most highly.”"

Ms. Alison Pullman

Diversity and Inclusion Manager and HR Manager

"In my Leadership Role as the Union Chairman, I have the opportunity to be one of the first to attend learning and development sessions/opportunities that will be offered to our membership (at Miller Coors). In the case of the “Building Cultural Sensitivity” work presented by Human Facets® i will admit, I may have been a bit hesitant to engage based on expectations of what benefits could/would be achieved.

After attending as a participant, I felt compelled to attend other sessions to hear the dialogue from the various audiences. The attendees in each session were (diverse) cross functional employees with varied tenure, multi level in nature. “Building Cultural Sensitivity” provided a great place for people to share thoughts and experiences in a unique way and with people that they might not have ever had the opportunity to do so with.

It truly was about awareness and sharing in a very non-threatening way that seemed to allow for greater openness and hopefully understanding. By the final few sessions I observed there were more and more Thank you’s to each other for the sharing. Ultimately, how it evolved and ended up was more than expected. THANKS to Human Facets® for the experience."

Mr. John Holub

Union Chair, UAW Local 2308


Dr. Helen Turnbull | Global Thought Leader on Inclusion, Diversity and Unconscious Bias

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