Jarod Cerf C-Suite Network Advisor Since 2016

Writer, Strategist, Managing Partner at PB&J Consulting

Marketing & Sales


Writer. Editor. Artist. Educator. PB&J Consulting’s head of content and audience strategy.  Graduate of Ithaca College and USC, where he both taught and studied.  With degrees in fiction, screenwriting, communications and anthropology.  Former consultant for New York Life’s Site Content and Millennial Markets, freelance author and contributor to TheGlassHammer.  Until he wanted to do more.

He currently exists on The Huffington Post, SoundCloud, Twitter, and the occasional in-person encounter.  Host of the podcasts “In Character” and “Jam Sessions” where he interviews authors, experts, and other characters on topics ranging from leadership, education and the ethics of power struggles, to grief, loss, humor in odd places, and what constitutes a good or honest story.


Jarod Cerf | Writer, Strategist, Managing Partner at PB&J Consulting

"When you're just about fed up with consultants and agencies, it's great to find and work with people who can actually listen and help you learn--folks like Barb, Pete and Jarod at PB&J Consulting. They're always coming up with new ideas to consider and pursue, and their knowledge and wherewithal on how to turn challenges into successful transitions is invaluable."

David Berliner

CEO and President, HUMISTAT Corp.

"Theglasshammer.com: McKinsey Launches New Centered Leadership Book by Barsh and Lavoie. I really like this piece by @jcertherealist because it captured this magical evening so well!"

Joanna Barsh

Director Emerita, McKinsey, Author of How Remarkable Women Lead and Centered Leadership

"Very comfortable to talk to."

Jason Fox

Author of Ricky Nelson Uncovered: How I Learned the Truth About His Last Days"

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