Jeanne M. Stafford C-Suite Network Advisor Since 2016

Professional Speaker and Communications Trainer


Jeanne M. Stafford is a Professional Speaker and Communications Trainer. From 15 years as a political fundraiser, and 20 years as a comedy improviser, Stafford learned what works in communication and what doesn’t.

Jeanne’s clients learn to communicate what they want to say, when they want to say it. They learn to communicate succinctly by thinking and saying YES. Clients learn resilience in the face of conflict and establish strong relationships at work and at home.

She is the host of Jeanne Stafford’s Networking Dinner in New York City where she presents guest speakers and facilitates conversations to give guests the tools to become more successful communicators.

Jeanne serves on several boards in the arts and education.

Jeanne brings her accrued wisdom to each Keynote, workshop and training session to help individuals and teams discover their inner YES. Her goal is for clients to uncover greater confidence to make the impact they want to make in the world.

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Jeanne M. Stafford | Professional Speaker and Communications Trainer

"“You conducted the conversation and interaction in a way where people really got to know each other in a very short period of time. My teams would benefit from being in this space where they can sit across the table with someone completely different and feel safe enough to talk about themselves and listen to others. They can walk away with something new which will help them work better as a team and contribute as a member in it.""

Ryan Smith

Head of Global Human Resources, GE Business Innovations

"I hired Jeanne Stafford to help me create a keynote and in the process I wrote a book! In a very short amount of time I was shocked at how much I produced. I felt supported by Jeanne and her method of thinking YES helped me to create this unexpected outcome. I’m an author and more comfortable than ever engaging the audiences I speak to."

LtGen Richard P. Mills, USMC (ret)

President and Chief Executive Officer, Marine Corps University Foundation

"Jeanne’s Strategic Communications Training at Molloy College has been transformational. Our administration and department heads are learning skills they are regularly applying in their work the moment they walk out the door of her interactive workshops. Her delivery is refreshing and so far the value is immeasurable."

Alina Haitz

Human Resources for Talent and Communication, Molloy College


Jeanne M. Stafford | Professional Speaker and Communications Trainer

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