Jim Pancero C-Suite Network Advisor Since 2017

Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader, and Sales Expert

Marketing & Sales


Jim shares have just one goal…to increase you and your team’s personal “Powerhouse Selling Advantage.” The leading-edged ideas Jim shares have been researched, validated and fine-tuned through his decades of proven personal “business to business” sales success including over thirty years influencing and guiding the top performers selling higher priced and/or competitively complex distribution materials, large equipment, or business services.


Jim Pancero | Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader, and Sales Expert

"In the day and a half we spent with him he's introduced a lot of neat concepts, a lot of impactful ideas and suggestions to help us make that migration from technically focused sales organization to an organization that's much more proactive. An organization that can demonstrate and illustrate value to the customers.
It's really helped us to move to the next chapter in our sales evolution. I highly recommend Jim."

Corey Moore

Director, North America Heavy Duty Sales, Firestone Industrial Products

"We've used Jim now two times and have finished a round with our 120 person sales force. If you're looking for sales training that's different than anything else you've probably ever done, it's not about tricks, it's not about gimmicks, not about the latest trick close out there, but a real strategic way to go about planning and thinking about and then executing your sales strategy, then I think you need to call Jim Pancero."

Will Green

Senior VP of Sales, Southeastern Paper Group

"We hired Jim Pancero for our 2017 company sales meeting and had a wonderful event for a period of a week in January. Jim spent a lot of time in preparation with me, with other members of my team learning about our business, gathering details about the intricacies of our business compared to others. It’s been two very thoughtful, informative days with our sales team, teaching them, educating them and planting some seeds of things we’ve forgot, things we didn’t keep in mind, and things we probably could use to help improve our business immediately."

Corey Lowsky

V.P. of Sales, United Pipe & Steel Corp.


Jim Pancero | Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader, and Sales Expert

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