Kim Goei C-Suite Network Advisor Since 2016

Grow. Organize. Elevate. Innovate.

Marketing & Sales

As Founder and CEO of Goei Group, Kim Goei has expanded her boutique organization to a global business development powerhouse by quadrupling growth in the first year and delivering, advising, and selling multi-million dollar projects for socially-conscious clients.

Prior to Goei Group, Kim explored her business development capabilities as Reading International’s National Director of Operations and Tatum’s M&A Executive. As witness to corporate trends of over-promising and under-delivering, Kim built Goei Group to combat this misrepresentation with principles of integrity, entrepreneurship, and growth. Concentrated on strategic execution and creative persistence, Kim has reinvented practices of branding, design, lead generation & sales, marketing, and consulting for international organizations including non-profits like Stupid Cancer and multi-million dollar outfits like Birchbox and Talmix.

Kim earned her BA from the University of California, Los Angeles, and her Masters from New York University. She currently serves on the board of Conscious Capitalism in New York.


Kim Goei | Grow. Organize. Elevate. Innovate.

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