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Be outrageous, it’s the only place that isn’t crowded™



Chosen as one of the best speakers in the country by Meetings and Convention Magazine along with Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Lou Holtz and Zig Ziglar, Mikki Williams, CSP, CPAE is an experience…a one of a kind talent, eclectic and smart. This Hall of Fame speaker is a global celebrity brand, executive speech coach, author, radio and TV personality and entrepreneur extraordinaire. She is an award winning top tier speaker for Vistage International, the world’s leading executive organization and Master Chair of two of their peer advisory boards in Chicago. From The White House to Mandela’s South African home, the front page of The Wall St. Journal, USA Today and Forbes, she is a global brand known as “glamboyant” and outrageous!!

A TEDx speaker, Mikki is based in Chicago and Naples, FL and conducts Speakers School™ for executives in both locations. She also created The Mikki Mouth Club™ with four divisions; Speaker Source™, her highly regarded executive speech coaching, Accountability Academy for speaking as a year long coaching program, Keynote Kamp™, a two day intensive where she’ll design your whole speech and Outrageous Orators™, speakers who rock…an uncommon speakers bureau.

A speech architect, gifted storyteller, accomplished speaker who is now dedicated to helping others enjoy speaking success as she has enjoyed in her 30 year professional career.



Mikki Williams | Be outrageous, it’s the only place that isn’t crowded™

"Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak to the employees of the Executive Office of the President. Words can not express how moved we were by the your outstanding presentation! It was by far the most successful program the WHAC has ever sponsored. Hopefully the rest of your visit to the Washington area went as well...

Thank you again for touching the hearts and lives of those around you! We look forward to working with you again in the near future. "

Denise Terry

Program Director, The White House

"If you plan to take the stage and stand in front of hundreds, or thousand of people and want to be GREAT at it, then Mikki's Speaker School is a 'must'. It should be on everyone's 'bucket list'.

As a fitness professional personality, I have been on many stages speaking to inspire others and thought I was pretty good at it, until I attended; Mikki's Speaker School! The two and a half days of material, presentations and information was some of Mikki's twenty-five years of experience as a speaker, and entrepreneur, all packaged and presented in a professional manner and classy environment.

Mikki's humor and outrageous personality made the delivery of information entertaining, never once did I need a cup of coffee to keep me on my toes, she made sure of that! With all the information, tips, and techniques Mikki shared with us, I can see why people take the course over and over again, it's an investment with great rewards if you put it to practice.

Thank you Mikki Williams for doing what you do and sharing your expertise with us. It was an honor to learn from a Speaker Hall of Fame-er! ~ "

Tamilee Webb

M.A. aka Ms. Buns of Steel™

"As somebody already consistently doing professional speaking, I was unsure about how much value I could receive. You blew away my expectations. All of the content was great. Well done and well delivered. It has been about 90 days since the school, and over the last four speaking engagements since then the number of business opportunities we have received immediately coming from the audience has tripled (yes tripled) since we started using just some of the tools you shared. The investment I made has already paid for itself several times over. Thank you, Mikki!"

Patrick Ungashick

Chief Executive Officer, Vistage Speaker, White Horse Advisors


Mikki Williams | Be outrageous, it’s the only place that isn’t crowded™

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