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Empowering Thought Leaders to Share Their Genius

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Are you:

  • One of the recognized experts/thought leaders in your space.
  • Easily found by those that don’t know you and have a need for your product/service.
  • Interested in showing your expertise with one or more books, but have no time.

Do you need to:

  • Get more recognition as the expert in your space.
  • Create thought leadership to support the initiatives of one or more of your client’s.
  • Generate more leads with your thought leadership content.
  • Drive more awareness so you can close more business.

Your book should quickly demonstrate that you understand and address your prospects’ pain points. Imagine spending two hours in an interview and having your genius extracted so that a compelling book along with social media content can be written. You get your AHAbook (a social media enabled eBook in 2-3 weeks) and your paperback and hardcover books in 2-3 months. 

Mitchell Levy is the AHA Guy & CEO at AHAthat who empowers thought leaders to share their genius. He is an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 800 books. Mitchell is a TEDx speaker and international bestselling author with fifty-eight business books. He’s provided strategic consulting to over one hundred companies, has advised over five hundred CEOs on critical business issues, and has been chairman of the board of a NASDAQ-listed company. In addition to these accomplishments, he’s been happily married for twenty-eight years and regularly spends four weeks annually in a European country with his family and friends.

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Mitchell Levy | Empowering Thought Leaders to Share Their Genius

"Mitchell is like a publishing energy bar - a whole bunch of things that are good for you all wrapped up in a healthy package. As your personal publisher, he brings out your best as an author. He handles your work with care in getting it to market, as if you were his only project. He helps you position yourself and work for the best possible outcome. And, all the while, you are having a good time!"

Timothy Tosta

Land Use and Environmental Law Partner: Arent Fox LLP

"After struggling to finish my book for 3 years, Mitchell Levy rescued me. He does what he promises to do, on time, and with quality. He listened to what I wanted and helped me get the results that I wanted. He offered valuable advice all along the way, and he made the process pleasant and even enjoyable!"

Kimberly Wiefling

Founding Member at Silicon Valley Alliances

"Mitchell is a pro at what he does. He is great to work with, extremely helpful and diligent. He succeeded at making me look pretty good and that is a feat to be recognized for! If you've got a book in you, reach out to Mitchell before you publish anywhere else."

Jeff Shavitz

Went from Wal Street to Main Street to BIG Entrepreneur and Independent Business Owner


Mitchell Levy | Empowering Thought Leaders to Share Their Genius

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