Philippa Gamse C-Suite Network Advisor Since 2016

Internet veteran, digital strategy consultant, author, business school professor

Marketing & Sales

An Internet veteran, Philippa Gamse has been at the forefront of digital marketing strategy since the birth of the commercial Internet in the early 1990’s.  Originally from the UK, she has worked with clients and spoken at conferences both in North America and Europe.

Philippa is a Professor of Digital Marketing and Social Media at Hult / Ashridge International Business School.  She also served as Faculty Co-Chair for Market Motive (now Simplilearn), a leading provider of online digital marketing certification programs for business professionals around the world.

Philippa’s book 42 Rules for a Web Presence That Wins was endorsed by Guy Kawasaki, Vint Cerf (the true “father of the Internet”), and over a dozen senior business executives.  In 2003, Philippa achieved the prestigious Certified Management Consultant designation. The CMC is an ISO-accredited qualification recognized in over 60 countries, and held by less than 1% of the consulting profession.


Philippa Gamse | Internet veteran, digital strategy consultant, author, business school professor

"This is not just a recommendation about professionalism, this is a recommendation about character and integrity. Philippa Gamse is truly brilliant at understanding how to best position your business on the internet as well as standing in front of audiences, no matter what size, and telling them the truth about their circumstances. She has solutions to internet marketing challenges."

Ed Primeau

Producer, Director, Primeau Productions

"Philippa presented an engaging presentation to healthcare web masters and strategic marketers at a MEDSEEK-sponsored conference. By emphasizing the emotional connections between viewers and the sites they visit, she provided an essential frame of reference from which to design compelling websites and online campaigns."

Gail McCreary

Principal, Health Media Syndicate

"For larger companies with in-house Web teams, Philippa provides an excellent list of checks and balances for those who might be too close to their own material, or too used to seeing things from only one perspective. For smaller companies without dedicated staff, she gives invaluable information on how to set up and position their digital presence, tell the story behind their business and clearly deliver their message!"

Darrin Johnston

Managing Director, Meyer Corporation

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