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Anomaly at Law


Russ Riddle is a senior legal executive with 12 years of in-house and 13 years of law firm experience in maximizing companies’ exploitation of intellectual property such as trademarks, copyright, and trade secrets, as well as guiding C-Suite leaders through the legal gauntlets of modern business.

His intellectual property law practice has served such clients as Barney® the purple dinosaur, Bob the Builder®, Thomas the Tank Engine®, the voices of Jimmy Neutron® and Larry the Cucumber®, as well as countless entrepreneurs.

Russ is a past president of the North Texas Chapter of the National Speakers Association and currently serves nationally as Vice Chair of NSA’s Chapter Leadership Committee.

He’s the author of two books: Lawyer Up – The Smart Way and Persuasive vs. Abrasive – The judges have ruled, as well as the intellectual property manual Corral Your Cash Cow.


Russ Riddle | Anomaly at Law

"Russ Riddle is a terrific presenter, a high-character attorney, and a kind, gracious, and generous human being.

I had the pleasure of hearing Russ present a talk at the National Speaker Association's Business Symposium in February 2017, and I was deeply impressed by his ability to make difficult legal concepts intelligible. Russ is a distinguished member of NSA, and most professional speakers are intimidated by the prospect of presenting to fellow speakers. Russ handled this potentially difficult situation with aplomb and good humor.

It was great to finally see Russ in action, because his name comes up frequently in NSA circles, and he certainly lived up to his reputation as the go-to person on the thorny topic of intellectual property law.

If you have any questions about IP, or if you're looking for a dynamic speaker in this area for your next meeting, Russ Riddle is your man! "

Dr. Bruce Weinstein

The Ethics Guy

"I've actually known Russ for more than 20 years and in many capacities. Russ and I attended law school together and I was always impressed by both his intellect and his approachability. Russ and I served together on the National Speakers Association/North Texas for two years. He drove strategy and maintain the integrity of our finances while making well-reasoned board decisions. He is a true leader and tempers even tough situations with wisdom and appropriate humor.

I've also hired Russ as an intellectual property attorney. He was a professional as well as a practical problem solver. I've also hired Russ as a presenter to work with one of my favorite clients. Russ not only delivered an excellent presentation, he was also an excellent resource and problem solver. I've been in the crowd when he presented. He is credible and teaches in a way that others have confidence to stretch."

Linda Swindling

Negotiation Expert, Speaker, Author and Trainer

"Constantly looking to grow and bring those around him along for the ride, Russ is a pleasure to work with. He is a true team player and brings a positive outlook to company culture. He is truly an “anomaly at law” bringing not only the legal experience and knowledge that you expect from a lawyer, but also the ability to speak to any audience with enthusiasm and style that is entertaining and memorable. This is invaluable to any organization that needs critical topics from the HR and policy side delivered to staff in such a way that it will be understood initially and retained for the long term. "

Cindy Allen

Founder and CEO, Team Catalyst Holdiings

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