Sharon Smith C-Suite Network Advisor Since 2016

I help CEO's evaluate their cyber-security risk and create an appropriate security Strategy


You are a successful CEO, passionate about the continued growth and health of your organization.

Because you are responsible for the strategy and success of your organization you are losing sleep over the continual reports of security breaches, stolen data, and ransomware. It appears that no one is safe anymore.

But all the terminology and acronyms (i.e., cloud, IoT, BOD, APT, IAM, IDS, Pen Test, malware, ransomware, identity access management, patch management, change management…not to mention all the compliance regulations) is overwhelming. And that makes sense because security is not in your wheelhouse, but it’s in mine! And I can help you!

As a 12-year veteran of the information security, audit, and compliance industry, I understand the technology your organization works with and the challenges you face.

I translate cyber security into business terms for executives who want to implement security but don’t know how. I help create the proper internal messaging, education, and shape the organizational culture needed for sustainable success in security.

Too many people believe that security is an IT problem and and that simply throwing budget at the IT department equals security. Instead, I help you paint a full picture of your security posture, the risks associated with it, and the most effective strategy to help close the gaps.

Security is not insurance – it is force protection (think of the armed guards in front of a military base). Isn’t it time for you to put the proper protection in place for the long term health of your organization?

It is rare to find someone with a background that includes in-depth information security knowledge and hands-on experience who has a business degree, and is a Certified Coach. This mix of education and experience equips me to best serve you in creating a long term sustainable security culture.

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Sharon Smith | I help CEO's evaluate their cyber-security risk and create an appropriate security Strategy

"Sharon provided an insightful and engaging workshop that enabled our team to improve how we work together. Her thorough understanding of the complexity of various tools was evident, as well as her understanding of the real-world business situations to which they can be applied. Our team has since implemented several recommendations of Sharon’s, with powerful, measurable results in our work performance."

Michael Gasvoda

Business Intelligence Analyst, Wexler Consulting Group

"My wife and I are business partners that have worked with Sharon. Being married and in business together creates a dynamic environment to say the least. Sharon was able to cut through the nonsense and bring clarity to our work relationship. My wife and I think very differently. In fact we are almost polar opposites. Sounds scary at first right? It's actually a blessing. Sharon helped identify our core strengths, which has not only led us to focusing on parts of the business we thrive in, but also keeps us in a positive state of mind where change and innovation happens. This has lead to increased productivity and sales within the business. Thanks Sharon!"

Mike Hinman

CEO and Co-Founder, Hinman Holistic Health Institute

"It is my pleasure to share this recommendation of Sharon Smith and her professional skills as coach/consultant for individuals and groups. I have observed and assessed several of her live webinar and face-to-face coaching sessions and presentations. Behind the high quality offerings, I observed an articulate and authentic coach/consultant who genuinely connects with her audience/clients. She is vibrant and knowledgeable with her presentations, targeted and empathic with her observations, and confident and supportive with her feedback/ guidance. I recommend her highly to anyone seeking support breaking through their personal or professional barriers."

J. Allan Tyler

Human Resources and Training Manager


Sharon Smith | I help CEO's evaluate their cyber-security risk and create an appropriate security Strategy

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