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For over 20 years, Stephen Shapiro has presented his provocative strategies on innovation and collaboration to audiences in 50 countries. During his 15-year tenure with the consulting firm Accenture, he led a 20,000-person innovation practice. He is the author of five books, including “Best Practices Are Stupid,” which was named the best innovation book of 2011. His Personality Poker® system has been used around the world to create high-performing innovation teams. His clients include Marriott, 3M, P&G, Nike, Delta Airlines, Capital One, Honda, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, NASA, Coca-Cola, and GE. In 2015 he was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame.


Stephen Shapiro | Innovation Instigator

"Stephen knows how to energize a room and get the creative juices flowing. The only other way to describe it is…magic."

Jacob Morris

Manager, Sales Learning & Development, Delta Airlines

"Enjoyed working with Stephen and found his knowledge of innovation, conversational style and delivery smooth and effective. He’s a great evangelist for innovation gifted at simplifying complex principles so they are easily assimilated and put into practice."

Matthew Von Ertfelda

Innovation Lead, Marriott

"Stephen’s passion for innovation is infectious. His mandate to focus innovation relentlessly on well-articulated problems has caused an internal shift in mindset and approach for our innovators. Stephen delivers both in a way that is truly inspirational and actionable."

Laurie Heltsley

Director of Innovation and Strategic Projects


Stephen Shapiro | Innovation Instigator

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