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Corporate Relationship Expert

Business Culture


Whether adding new people or promoting current talent, change is going to happen. You will be questioned about who was hired; why they were promoted; and how the appointment happened.  And in the end, the accusations will all point to YOUR BIAS – whether it exists or not.  Basically, people aren’t intentionally being jerks… but they think you are.

So how do you uncover unconscious bias while maintaining a high-performance team who doesn’t feel guilty about they way they feel about each other? Tony knows the secret. While working with some of the nation’s largest Federal Agencies, he has transformed water-cooler gossip into high-performing team dynamics.

But personnel changes aren’t the only major changes that impact organizations.  Mergers, new technologies, and new regulations can all impact how well high-performance teams function. As an organizational relationship expert, Tony knows that change can magnify and organization’s weaknesses or solidify their strengths.

With over a decade in change leadership expertise Tony, will give you the secrets to getting people, process, and technology working together like a well-oiled machine.  You clearly know change when a retired 2-star general recruits you work with soldiers and civilians at all levels to adapt and embrace one of the largest personnel changes in history, the famous BRAC transition. Tony knows what others don’t, 3-step shortcut to transform turbulent change into a smooth transition.  With Tony by their side, his clients have mastered the people side of business to dominate the market.

Imagine where your organization will be when people stop complaining and start cranking!  When they embrace change! When they get things done!  When they destroy the competition.  And when they do it with a great attitude.


Tony Chatman | Corporate Relationship Expert

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