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Tracy Timm

Management & Leadership

Tracy Timm is a vibrant, young human capital advisor, executive coach, speaker and writer with a passion for people and their stories.   

After graduating from Yale with a degree in behavioral psychology, working on Wall Street as a bond saleswoman, and traveling around the world as a student of life, she has come to believe that everyone has the inherent ability to realize their maximum potential—sometimes they just need a little help. She knows what it’s like to feel stuck in a job that doesn’t serve your needs and doesn’t allow you to make a contribution to the world. To combat that feeling, she works with companies to help them find employees who love the work they have, and with individuals to help them find work they love to do.

Her topics of expertise include workforce analytics, talent acquisition, leadership development, career coaching, influencing training, and personal development.


Tracy Timm | Tracy Timm

"Tracy is an expert… She goes above and beyond the call of duty to help and seems genuinely interested in helping my business grow. If you are willing to pay someone thousands of dollars a month, it is worth the extra investment to find out more about them before you hire them. After you make a very bad hire, you recognize how valuable this service can be."

Stephen Pope

CEO, Agile Premier

"I recognized skills in my employees, but managed them the way I wanted to be managed. I thought I was respecting them by allowing them to find success…their own way. Since understanding key motivators of my employees and how they naturally work…I have been able to engage them differently and the results have been astounding. Tracy has been a great asset to us and I cherish our relationship."

Lynn McGinley

President, Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce

"I would highly recommend Tracy Timm… to anyone needing assistance making sure a candidate is the right fit for a position. I recently had Tracy come out a do a session with my entire staff, and it was an eye-opening and affirming experience. I feel like we tested the Predictive Index, and it works beautifully. I will go straight to Tracy and The Predictive Index next time we have a hiring need."

Kristi Francis

CEO, Francis and Associates


Tracy Timm | Tracy Timm

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